Content Usage Policy

  • Photos can be re-posted to websites/social media without having to ask for permission in most cases. In general, I don't really care where photos are posted as long as it shows where they came from and who took them.
  • All watermarks MUST remain visible.
  • Please do not edit or alter the photos. If you need an edited version, please ask me and I will provide one for you.
  • No for-profit (selling of photos or merchandise, etc.) use of any kind without prior permission from me first.
  • Videos can't be re-posted/uploaded anywhere. Instead share the link to the page where you found the video.
  • Videos, frames, audio tracks, clips from videos are NOT allowed to be re-used for your own projects. (Sorry!)


  • I don't get paid to go to cons and take photos. I don't get (or ask for) a free pass. I pay full price for my registration and wait in line like everyone else. I don't ask for special treatment. I guess what I'm saying here is I don't "owe" anyone anything.
  • Be respectful. Give credit where it's due. It's the right thing to do and costs nothing but a few moments of your time.
  • Deliberately removing watermarks is considered theft and could result in legal action.
  • Please repect my wishes here. Failure to do so can result in me not posting this stuff online anymore, or putting everything behind a paywall (pay-to-view or subscription service). No one wants that, right?

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