Content Availability

How long does it usually take before stuff gets posted after an event?

It depends on how much stuff I got. I hand edit everything before it gets posted to the public. In general, I usually have stuff up in a week or two, usually less. I go through every photo I take and make adjustments as necessary, and re-render videos into a single file with a watermark before they get posted. Keep in mind I don't get paid and that everything is done in my free time.

I don't see a lot of stuff on the site right now. Will it be coming soon?

Yes! I am in the process of migrating and transferring everything over to this new site. However, everything must be done manually, and is a slow process. I usually rely on free time and motivation to get this done. But rest assured, I do have most of the stuff and eventually it will be made available.

What happened to all the Anime Detour / Anime Fusion / Anime Twin Cities stuff you had? You used to have tons of it and now I can't find it anymore!

There were some events that have taken place involving myself and these organizations and I no longer wish to have the stuff available.

I still have the stuff, on a local hard drive. If you are someone that I have pictures or videos of from some of these events and would like them, I may be able to send them to you directly, but I will not post entire events worth of videos or photos anymore. I will not send an entire event's worth of photos or an entire full length video to someone. I can send you a clip of your part, just not the entire video.

If I get some free time, I may make a list of the stuff I have and post it here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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