Can I get a full resolution copy of a photo?

All photos are automatically posted in the fullest resolution available from the camera (minus any cropping). Simply click the download link on the photo to download it to your device. Most of my photos are exported from Adobe Lightroom with a quality of about 75 and in JPEG format.

The photos you find here are the highest resolution available.

I found a photo of me that I don't like and want you to take it down. Can you help me with that?

Yes! But you must contact me, preferrably through email, with the link(s) to the photo(s) you would like to have removed, and I will take care of this as soon as I can.

I found a photo of me that I like but it has the watermark right across the middle. Can I get a copy with the watermark in the corner?

Usually, yes. Contact me via e-mail with link(s) to the photos you are requesting. Only a limited number will be provided so please don't ask for an entire gallery worth.

Can I get a photo or photo(s) without the watermarks at all?

I usually don't give out photos without watermarks. The watermark is to provide credit, especially after it has been downloaded from wherever it was found.

If you really need a copy of a photo without the watermark, contact me and we can try to work something out.

Can I get a cropped-in version of a larger photo that has me in it?

Sure! You will need to email me with the link to the photo you want the modified version of and I will get you a cropped version. Thank you for asking for a cropped version of a photo rather than just downloading and cropping the picture on your own. This helps make sure that the watermark is visible and credit is given, and adheres to the "do not modify" rule.

When you say you have to "edit" the photos, what do you mean?

I go through every photo I take one at a time and make adjustments to things like color, brightness, crop, etc. I don't add special effects such as artificial starbursts, flames, and other types of effects.

Can I download one of your photos and add special effects to it and re-post it?

In general this is not a good idea and can be disrespectful to me as the photographer. If you find a picture of yourself that you would really like to do something like this with, please ask me before doing so.

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