I am in one of your videos. Can I upload it to YouTube or another site to show my friends?


Reposting or reuploading of my videos isn't allowed. If you would like to share one of my videos, share the link to the page the video is on (ex. Everything posted to the site is fully publicly available - you don't need to pay for anything or log in anywhere, or add me on any social media platform.

I am in one of your videos. Can I get a clip of the video with just my part?


You will need to let me know which video you are referring to and the approximate times in that video where you appear. Please don't reference by cosplay character or something like that because while I do like anime and cosplay, my knowledge is very, very limited. Note that the video clip I make for you will have the watermark on the bottom. I will not provide any videos without watermarks.

Depending on the situation, I will either provide you with the clip directly so you can post it (if I do this, you must provide credit on wherever it is posted) or I will host it here and provide you with a link.

Do you do any fancy editing to your videos? Like add special video effects or audio tracks?


The only things I do with the videos I record is adjust the colors/lightness/etc. or adjust the volume of the sound up or down. I also add a watermark to every video I post. I do not add special video effects or add/change audio tracks to them.

Other than basic adjustments and a watermark, the video you are watching is exactly what was being seen and heard as I was recording it.

Can I use portions of your video (frames, clips, sound, etc.) in one of my own videos or projects?

Sorry, but I don't allow anyone to use of any portion of any of my videos for any other purposes.

This includes, but not lilmitied to: video frames, video clips (whole or parts), sounds, or audio tracks. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

If you are in one of my videos and would like me to generate a clip with your portion, please reach out to me and we may be able to work something out. The clip I provide you with will have the watermark on the bottom and may not be modified in any way, nor any part of the clip may be used for other purposes.

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