What is this place, and why did you make it?

This is my home for all of my photos and videos I take at conventions and other events.

I have reached my tolerance with social media as being an acceptable platform for an outlet for this stuff and decided since that I knew how to web-code, now is as good of time as any to make the move. Having my own site here gives me full control over my stuff and how it looks and how it's laid out.

This main site is hosted by SmugMug, which has a very nice web design system that requires no coding knowledge.

My videos are on a private web host. That portion of the site I coded entirely from scratch using PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS.

I wanted to host my videos myself that way I have 100% control over how they are presented. Social sites like YouTube and Facebook re-convert the videos, scale it down, place advertisements, complain about something in the video, or something else. By making my own site and hosting them myself I have full control over the presentation.

Why don't you post your stuff to Facebook anymore?

Lately there has been way too many issues and changes going on with Facebook for me to bother continuing to use it. It has become frustrating at best.

Social media sites like Facebook are meant for sharing selfie pics and short video clips of your kids and pets. It's not meant for an entire professional photographer's portfolio or full length video recordings.

Did you make this site entirely from scratch?

My video site, yes.

I have the general knowledge to build a site from scratch. It is made using HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. I am entirely self-taught and did not take any kind of web design schooling. I pay for the hosting and the domain names and maintain all of the code and content myself. I do not use website self-builders like Wix and the like.

This main photo site is hosted by SmugMug. They are a service that is specifically for hosting photos. They allow me to use my own domain name here, and give me full unlimited photo storage for every photo I take. SmugMug has a monthly fee. SmugMug has an intuitive web design system that requires minimal to no coding knowledge.

Do you get paid to do this kind of stuff?


This is 100% entirely a hobby of mine. I enjoy taking photos and videos, and making web sites. I create all of the content myself in my free time and the money I use to pay for anything I need for it comes from my everyday regular life job. I really enjoy making high-quality photos and videos available for the world to see.

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